5 Family Things to do in London

Visiting London is one of my favourite things to do, I love the busyness of it, the fact that there is always something going on. I’ve never visited London and got bored. My wife and I try to have a couple of trips every year to London to go to a show or just treat ourselves to an overnight stay at a hotel. Last month we visited London got the first time with the girls and as the holidays are approaching I thought I’d put together our list of 5 Family Things to do in London.

Open Top Bus

This was a big one for us, we were certain we didn’t want to take the girls on the London Underground as we felt they’d miss too much of the city. Instead, we took an open top bus everywhere we went. It really allowed us to see so much of London and it was a real joy.

It might work out a little more expensive for some families but the route the bus goes on will show so much, we went past Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s and so much more.

The Original Tour Tower Bridge

Visit Buckingham Palace

No trip to London should be complete without seeing Buckingham Palace. The girls loved seeing the guards and actually walking up to the huge gates. We walked along The Mall and stopped and has some lunch in St James’ Park.

It was a lovely way to show them that this is what they often see on television and now they can say that they’ve actually been there now.


It might not sound fun to children but when you mention the shops they can visit that are all within walking distance of each other they might change their mind.

The girls loved Hamleys, M&M World and the Lego Store. These are all around the Regent Street area and it’s also a good place to grab something for lunch. One of the stops for the bus we were on stopped right outside M&M World.

It was good for the girls to spend a little bit of their pocket money and who doesn’t love looking around a huge toy shop.

Visit the National History Museum

One of my favourite school trips that I remember was when we visited the National History Museum. As a child, I used to love seeing all the old dinosaurs and learning about things that went on throughout the centuries.

Aly has been wanting to go and learn a bit more about the things they’ve been doing this school year. It is a great way to spend half a day and you have the Science Museum just next door and both of them are FREE which is a real winner especially when London can be so expensive.

National History Museum

A Thames River Cruise

This was something we weren’t sure of, to begin with. Once we’d actually been on it we loved it, a completely unique way of seeing things along the river. It was also a great way to step back from the crowds and grab 30 minutes of calm.

The girls loved seeing different parts of London that they might have missed and allowed us to get up close to HMS Belfast, the London Eye and other famous landmarks…plus you get to wave at people on the bridges. It’s well worth going on a Thames River Cruise.

River Thames Cruise, Tower Bridge

There is so much more to do in London but these are our 5 Family Things to do in London, leave us a comment with your favourite thing to do.

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  • Tom @Ideas4Dads

    July 20, 2018 at 4:20 pm Reply

    We love going to London and hope to get down there in the summer 🙂 We have done all of these except the river trip so will have to look into that when we go 🙂

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