A Good Summer Indoor BBQ

One of the things that I remember about my childhood is enjoying garden BBQs with my grandparents. My grandad had it down to a fine art, he’d have two kettle BBQs on the go. This was of course before gas ones came along so it was classic coal working its magic. The first one would have corn on the cob and jacket potatoes being cooked perfectly in foil, the second one is letting off the classic smell of British summertime. Chicken drumsticks, sausages and burgers all cooked to perfection by my grandad.

When we first had children, I had dreams of laughter filling the garden, water splashing in the paddling pool and the smell of charcoal burning. Well, we have the laughter and the splashing, but an outdoor BBQ just isn’t likely. I have two daughters who for different reasons don’t enjoy eating outside. Aly suffers from hay fever quite badly and Mia hates bees, flies – anything like that, so instead of battling we prefer an indoor BBQ.

We still enjoy the food, the tastes and all the basics of the great summer feast but we prefer to eat ours inside.

With Easter and quite a few Bank Holiday weekends, this was a perfect time to stock up on some BBQ food from Iceland Foods. We always like to have a good supply of frozen food handy, our reason for this is it’s just so convenient. It cooks from frozen and you’ll find you will only be cooking what you require.  The beauty with an indoor BBQ is that you don’t have to check the weather, don’t have to worry about the rain you just simply cook and eat.  If you fancy a spontaneous indoor BBQ at a moments notice then you can.  

We’d decided that this time we’d try different food to try and expand what the girls would eat. Skewers and kebabs won the family over and we decided on a selection of different ones, Aly wanted sausage, Mia wanted bacon, I wanted chicken and mummy wanted prawn.

In the freezer ready for the weekend we’d bought a range of skewer products from the Iceland frozen meat range including, chicken skewers, chicken & bacon twisters, garlic & chilli king prawn kebabs and my favourite the Churrasco Sausage Skewers.

We’d never had any of these before but they looked delicious on the packaging and we’d seen the Churrasco Sausage Skewers on TV during the week. They girls love kebabs as they can just pick them up and I don’t moan about them not using their cutlery.

All of these can be cooked in the oven straight from frozen so if you fancy a barbeque on the spur of the moment then it’s not a problem. As a family who seems to be getting busier with school clubs we always plan our weekly meals. We’ve found this have saved us money but also reduced our food waste. This is all part of the #PowerofFrozen as you can cook exactly what you require. Having cooked this we all agreed that they tasted as good as if we’d bought fresh from the butchers and they still kept that BBQ taste without me burning everything including my eyebrows (that’s a story for another time).

The meats on the skewers were full of flavour and you got a really good portion size, especially on the sausage skewers, they were thick meaty sausages. A firm family favourite was the chicken and bacon ones, the chicken was moist and the bacon wrapped around was crispy.

To accompany our skewers, we decided to keep it light and simple with a leaf salad. We’ve learnt that in the past when we have a BBQ the girls eat all of their salad which is a rare thing. The meats on the skewers

If you’re planning on having a BBQ you won’t go wrong with a selection of meats from the Iceland range, and it got a double thumbs up from my fussy girls.

This post is in collaboration with Iceland Foods.

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