A Letter to my Girls

I’ve been asked by Compare the Market to write a letter to my daughters to read in the event that I am no longer here. The idea is to give them some advice on my personal experiences and things I’ve learnt.

For some, it might seem like a strange thing to write but I actually found it enjoyable and fun to write and reflect on some of the things we’ve got up to so far.

Here’s a little sample of my letter.

There are three things you need to remember – work hard, be nice, and have fun. These three things – whether online, at work, or in life, will set you right.

There will be times when you’re not the quickest or not the smartest, but what gives you the advantage is the ability to work harder than anyone else. That doesn’t mean work longer hours, but work smarter during those hours.

Be nice. People react more positively if you smile and say please and thank you. Give it a try… even when somebody cuts you off on the road, or fails to hold the door open for you…remember to be nice. *cough* I always was!

Importantly, always make sure you have fun. The World is too serious and life can be tough, so make sure you always have fun. If you’re not, then change something – try not to do things you don’t enjoy.

To read the rest of my letter along with letters from my fellow DigiDads and Giovanna Fletcher please head to the Letters of Life page.

This is a collaborative post. 

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