Friends Fest 2017, Blenheim Palace

There is one iconic show that is known the World over and for my wife and I, it spanned our youth and still years after it finished we still watch it. 

Even now we still know most of the words, we have our favourite bits and still laugh along to the silly parts. 

The show in question is Friends. 

Every year in the UK they hold something called Friends Fest which as the suggests is a festival of all things Friends. In past years it was held in one location but now they move it around the country and the one we attended was at the beautiful Blenheim Palace. 

This was a trip out just for the two of us and we’ve been wanting to visit for a few years. 

Set in the grounds of the Palace there was the famous Central Perk where you could grab photo opportunities and also a coffee plus even play the guitar like Phoebe. 

They also had a large outdoor stage playing some of the best bits from the shows and during lunchtime they also got people up to re-create ‘the route’. 

There were places to eat such as the Moondance Diner and one of the most popular parts was the photo areas for the Las Vegas wedding and the High School Prom. 

As well as being able to walk around this sections you also get a time slot to be able to look around the two apartments; Joey’s and Monica’s which is the real reason to visit. You can sit on the sofas, get in the canoe or sit and Monica’s kitchen table. 

These are the photo opportunities that everyone is after.  

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