Frozen Fruit Refreshing Berry Mocktails

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, the message is simple: the more the better. Think you’ve eaten enough…well, there’s always room for more. This is especially relevant with the announcement that we should eat ten fruit and veg a day for a longer life, not five

Both of my girls are pretty good when it comes to fruit; Aly is often found eating a piece but Mia needs a little more encouragement. Whilst playing out in the garden on a sunny Sunday they both asked for a drink and I had an idea that I thought they would both love yet still be a healthy solution: mocktails. 

I decided to use other day we’d bought a couple of packs of Iceland’s frozen juicy berry mix that we’d bought in store in preparation for the summer the other day. The reason for frozen over fresh fruit? Well, the taste and quality are exceptionally high and it’s convenient. If I buy fresh fruit the girls decide that they don’t want any and if I don’t buy any fruit at all then they want it – that is the #PowerofFrozen.

The frozen fruit selection all comes in resealable packs and at £1.50 – £2 per bag; you can keep a selection in the freezer for when you require it. If visiting the store look out for the freezer full of frozen fruit, there are lots of different varieties. 

I decided to make a couple of frozen fruit berry mocktails, this first one is a fizzy one. 

Frozen Mixed Berry Fizzy Summer Mocktail

  • 2 cups of frozen mixed berries
  • 1 cup of lemonade 
  • Selection of fruit 

Simply add 2 cups of berries and the lemonade into a blender and pulse until combined. Once this is done pop it in the freezer for 1 hour until slushy. Then serve and garnish with fruit and enjoy. 

This went down very well. It is perfect to make in advance when you know it’s going to be a very warm day, or when they have friends round. 

Simple Mixed Berry Mocktails

  • 1 cup of frozen mixed berries
  • 2 cups of lemonade or apple juice

This one couldn’t be easier, just pop the berries in a glass and top up with either lemonade or apple juice. 

I had one girl who really enjoyed the lemonade version and the other loved the apple juice one. Takes less than a minute to make and the frozen fruit helps keep the drink nice and cool. Once they’ve finished they get to enjoy the fruit afterward. 

If you struggle to get your children to eat and enjoy fruit, these mocktails might help you overcome that struggle. 

This post is in collaboration with Iceland Foods.

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