Grabbing Some Fresh Air

Personally, fresh air and exercise help me stay healthy and make me feel great!

— Charlotte Casiraghi

Every time we seem to get a moment’s rest, a moment where we don’t have to be somewhere it seems to pour with rain. Sunday was the first time this year where we had no plans and it wasn’t raining…yes it was cold but it allowed us to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. 

This woodland area is our go-to place when we just want to get outside, it’s just a small walk from our house and for the most part, it’s pretty empty. It allows the girls to just run around and explore without disturbing anyone. 

We had two plans for this walk, firstly for me to grab some photos and secondly we wanted to look for signs of Spring…thinking an early daffodil or snowdrop but what we found was lots of mud. Also, a few trees to climb which for any child is always a bonus. 

This was possibly the first time I’ve actually fired up my DSLR this year and in fact, the memory card still had Christmas photos on it. 

When I first suggested that we went for a walk, Mia was keen and wanted to just walk around and enjoy nature and Aly needed to be bribed with a bit of chocolate cake at the end of it. Every time we go there she doesn’t want to do it and then within 5 minutes, she doesn’t want to leave. 

This time was no different and once they’d found the perfect tree to climb they then set out to find a den to help build or start their own. 

Just before we were about to head home we spotted something in the distance, amongst the trees…a little half built den. Getting closer we could see that someone had begun to build this out of branches and had made a pretty good job of it. 

This is exactly what the girls were looking for and they set about giving a helping hand to whoever had started. Now we have no idea who started this and we didn’t really do all that much before people moan and question it…they added a few branches to the outside, just enough to keep the girls happy. 

The den may well have been left like that for many months but we weren’t sure and plan on going back in a few weeks to see if anything has changed. Maybe our next task will be to start our own den. I remember when I was younger I built one and it ended up with old carpet on the floor…it was real luxury. 

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