It’s Pie Week!!

There are certain times of the year that I remember…the girls birthday’s, the start of the F1 season and pie week.
It doesn’t get the credit it deserves, the classic pie should never be forgotten; it’s a thing to enjoy and treasure. I’ll admit something…there was a time when my girls were younger that I may have neglected the pie. I’m ashamed of myself.

Fast forward and Aly who’s 9 has developed a real love of having pie for dinner and this means we get to enjoy it lots and it’s our special meal. Of course, there are many beautiful pies you can savour like a warming steak pie but our personal favourite is a chicken pie.

To celebrate pie week what better meal to have than a chicken pie, some roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables. We’re a busy family with work and after school clubs and working the dinner that we prepared was all frozen. The #PowerOfFrozen is all about tasty food that is high quality and also convenient. It allows us as parents to be able to feed our girls quickly.

A good pie needs perfect pastry and lots of filing. Too often you get more sauce than actual meat and that’s just wrong. The Iceland pies are bursting with flavour and meat and you won’t be able to tell that they haven’t been made using Nan’s secret recipe. There’s no making of the pastry, no pre-cooking the meat, simply place on a baking tray and 30 minutes later you have an amazing tasting pie.

There are only 2 pie lovers in this house (shocking I know) and Aly was so impressed with them, she asked if we could have them again tomorrow. Lucky we bought a 4 pack of Iceland’s chicken pies so that we can spread it out across 2 meals! They are full of goodness and I’m safe in the knowledge that if Aly has one of these after swimming that she’s getting a good meal inside of her.

Pie week is something to celebrate, so what is your pie of choice?

This post is in collaboration with Iceland Foods.

  • The DADventurer (Dave)

    March 9, 2017 at 11:27 am Reply

    Haha – love how you’ve put pie week on the same level as the girls’ birthdays. I love a good pie too!

  • John Adams

    March 11, 2017 at 5:51 am Reply

    You’re correct, Pie Week doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! Looks delicious and hope you enjoyed your pie(s).

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