Kärcher SC2.500C Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner #Review

First things first anyone that has children in the house will understand that a family home is never tidy, you may think it is but then have a closer look. That strange stain on the sofa, the dirty marks by the front and back doors yep you know what I mean.
My girls love arts and crafts which often mean glue, pen and blu tack marks are everywhere. I’m talking everywhere carpets, walls, curtains and sofas it doesn’t matter how many times we tell them somehow it still gets kiddy tagged.

When we got offered the chance to review a steam cleaner we jumped at the chance. I have previously used one of them pressure washers for cleaning my car and it was amazing so I was looking forward to seeing what this one could do.



I was expecting when it got delivered some monster of a box but was pleasantly surprised when a neat compact box turned up and the cleaner actually only weights just under 5kg which is probably about as heavy as our vacuum cleaner.

Now in the box with the SC2.500C cleaner it comes with a few accessories such as detail nozzle, hand tool, round brush, cloth for hand tool, descaler sticks, floor tool and cloth of floor tool.  I haven’t fully used all of these yet but all in good time. Much like the car cleaners the handle has steam flow control so you can easily change the pressure depending on which surface you are cleaning and how much dirt is involved.

So what can you actually clean with it…well pretty much anything. You have a detail nozzle which is ideal for cleaning around the bathroom and kitchen taps to remove limescale.  You can also remove grub and grim from your bathroom tiles and the grouting making the bathroom look almost as good as new. Just remember this isn’t a magic wand so in places you will have to have a little patience but it will go in the end.

Before After

Before After

Now most people will probably use this for its floor cleaning abilities and rightly so. The cleaner is perfect for people with allergies as it doesn’t use any chemicals. The thing to remember when cleaning the floors is to start at the furthest away point otherwise you’ll end up walking across the clean floor. In the accessories you get a terry cloth for the floor and this works well and so do other cloths like the microfiber ones.

The slight downside is that you only get about 4 metres of cable which will probably be fine in most houses but we only seem to have a few sockets downstairs but this is easily sorted with an extension lead.

It’s major plus point is it’s continuous water feed, basically it has two water tanks so you can remove the tank and refill it put it back and then within seconds you have hot water again. Meaning you don’t have to stop mid job.

It is a very easy cleaner to use with 3 different power settings depending on how stubborn the stain is and it’s worth remembering that this isn’t a vacuum cleaner so you will need to vacuum the floors first.

Without doubt I would recommend this to friends and family.

The Karcher SC2.500C cleaner is available for £199.99 from AmazonUK

We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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