Keeping the Children Active with Sun-Pat

Any parent will know that the trick to the Summer holidays is keeping the children entertained and to try for as long as possible keep the words ‘we’re bored’ at bay.

We’ve teamed up with Sun-Pat who have created an amazing Fuelling Family Guide which is full of brilliant ideas such as having a treasure hunt, playing cricket and so much more. In the guide, there are 42 different activities to enjoy.

We’ve been trying our hardest to keep the girls active and I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job.

So far we’ve been fruit picking which is one of our favourite activities to do in the holidays. What’s not to enjoy…fresh air and some juicy fruit at the end of it.

We live in the South of England and are very lucky that we live 20 minutes from the seaside so come the Summer months we try to make a visit. The girls love the beach and even though the ones here are mostly pebble ones it gives them the chance to look out for shells, at the moment we haven’t found any treasure but one day you never know.

Sun-Pat gave us a sports kit to help keep the girls active in the Summer, the pack included a cricket set, football and skipping rope and if you fancy winning one of 420 then head over to the Fueling Families page where you can also download the activity chart.

We were given a sports kit for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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