Lunch With My Little Ones

Over the past week, the girls have gone back to school and seem to have settled back in without any problems. I can imagine for some this can be a stressful time of year but as the girls are in Year 5 and Year 2 we’ve got quite used to this.

The end of the school holidays has meant that we’ve had to get back into the swing of things, the return of our routines. The morning routine involves making their lunch for them and as any parent will know there are certain things that are and aren’t allowed in their lunchboxes. Most children want lots of sweet things but that’s a no no. The trick is making it still interesting.

One of the things that Aly has really been enjoying lately Hartley’s sugar-free jelly pots, a pot in her lunchbox and it gives us peace of mind knowing that they’re sugar-free. Having tried both normal and this version you can’t tell the difference and more importantly nor can Aly…trust me she’d soon tell me if she could.

Hartley’s have worked closely with the child psychologist, Dr Sam Wass. He has shared a few different conversations to talk to your children over lunchtime such as Favourite toys, friends, Holidays, TV, Family & more.

Hartley’s has created a fun video series focusing on the weird and wonderful things kids talk about over their lunchbox.

When the girls and I get to enjoy lunch together we generally talk about what we’ll be getting up to in the afternoon and also things we’ve been watching on YouTube. We don’t really watch much TV so our entertainment comes in the form of YouTube channels.

The Hartley’s no added sugar jelly pots come in different flavours such as strawberry, raspberry, Blackcurrant & Apple. We all have different tastes but raspberry jelly is always our favourite.

Hartley’s are currently giving away lunchboxes when you collect 12 ‘Green’ Hartley’s jelly pot lids. Check out the promotional packs for more details.

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