Mia’s Teddy Bear Making Party

Our little Princess has just turned 7…those last 7 years seem to have completely flown past and it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were holding her in our arms.

It’s true what they say that they don’t stay small for very long. We’ve always alternated parties so one year it’s Aly’s turn and the next it’s Mia’s. Last year Aly decided on a bowling party and this year Mia wanted a teddy bear making party.

We reached out to Huggy Bears to see if they’d like to collaborate on Mia’s party and they said they’d love to be involved with her special day. To help out they also sent us a party plan to help the day go smoothly.

Before the party, Mia sent out her party invitations and asked the others what animal they’d like to make from the wide selection which includes; penguins, rabbits, pandas, unicorns, giraffes and so much more.

After we’d picked the ‘bears’ they wanted we also ordered plain t-shirts for the girls to decorate. There were two different sized bears to pick from, an 8 inch one or larger 16 inch one. We thought the smaller one would be better for them to stuff at the party.

The bears all arrived in a little gift bag with the bear, a birth certificate, the stuffing and a little love heart to bring them to life plus the extra t-shirts we ordered.

Anyone who has hosted a children’s party will know that you need a plan of action otherwise they get distracted by cake and presents. The plan was as follows:

  • Open up the gift bag and find the teddy
  • Carefully open the bag with the stuffing inside
  • Push the stuffing into the opening making sure to get it into the arms and legs first
  • Fill out the body until its as cuddly as you want it
  • Before closing make sure you make a wish and put the love heart in
  • Pull the cable tie tightly and cut off excess cable
  • Pull sticker off the velcro fastening and close up.

It’s simple to do and all of the 6/7-year-olds managed it without fuss. Just make sure that no one pulls the cable tie closed before they’ve finished stuffing the animals.

We had a party of 10 children and for all of them to make their animals with a little help with the cutting it took them about 20 minutes. Once they’d made them we gave them some coloured fabric pens to design their own t-shirts. This took them around 5-10 minutes.

The party was brilliant and all the children enjoyed it. They loved the fact that they got to take a stuffed animal home with them.

The quality of the bears is incredible, we had no issue making them and would easily recommend Huggy Bears to people. You will love the choice and the easy of the whole event.

We were sent the bears for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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