My Father’s Day Meal

Father’s Day is approaching in a matter of weeks and the girls for once are getting prepared. Normally they buy a few small things such as chocolates or a voucher but this time I thought I would test them.

I asked them to cook me one of my favourite meals…lamb shanks. For me, this is one of those luxury meals that I never really get, as neither of the girls like meat on the bone. I tend to just get this meal either when out at a restaurant on special occasions.

As the girls are getting older I thought I’d test the water with them cooking me a lovely meal (with a little helping hand from Mummy) and to my surprise, they actually agreed.

I sent them off to Iceland with a list of things I’d like for my Father’s Day meal. They included World Famous Bistro 2 Lamb Shanks, potatoes, vegetables, some form of drink and possibly a little pudding.

I didn’t give them any more instructions other than that, they know that I love mash potatoes but it’s not their favourite, so again I don’t get it very often.

The cooking and preparing was down to them so I will let them explain how they cooked it and whether it was simple or not.

‘We wanted to cook Daddy one of his favourite meals as a Father’s Day treat and with a little help from Mummy, we cooked him lamb shanks with mashed potato.

So, we put the bag with the lamb into a pan of boiling water…well Mummy did and took it back to the boil and let it slowly bubble away for half an hour. While this was going on, we got to work on the potatoes and put them in a pan. Once the potatoes were ready we mashed them with some butter and a splash of milk.

Mummy then took the bag out of the pan and carefully opened it and we presented it all on a plate for Daddy to enjoy.

Hopefully, he enjoyed it’

The #PowerOfFrozen is all about tasty food that is high quality and also convenient. The meat certainly tasted amazing and if I didn’t know any better I’d have said that it had come from the butchers.

The lamb shanks can be cooked from frozen but the packaging told us the day before to defrost in the fridge the day before as it brings out the flavours more.

The meat was succulent and was slow cooked in a mint and rosemary gravy. Truly the best lamb shanks I’ve had in a long time, they went perfectly with the mashed potato

This post is in collaboration with Iceland Foods.

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