Premier Inn Dunstable South A5 #Review

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we’d decided that we would take the girls to Whipsnade Zoo which is about a two hour drive from us so not that far but as a little treat we thought we’d do a stop over as it would be our final chance this year and the girls love it.
Around Whipsnade you have the choice of two different Premier Inn‘s one called Dunstable/Luton and the other is Dunstable South, both of which are close. We stayed in Premier Inn Dunstable South which took us about 5 minutes to get to. Well I say it took us 5 minutes when in actual fact I may have made a slight booboo. The problem is I have all my bookings stored on my phone under emails and the problem was all day long I didn’t have any coverage and there was no wifi at the zoo so when it came to heading of to the hotel I had the choice of two on the Sat Nav and guess what…I chose the wrong one. What I saw of the other Premier Inn it was very nice and the staff helpful when I asked if I had a booking and not once did they laugh at me.

Anyway when we arrived at the right Premier Inn the first thing is the car park is huge, they said it was fully booked but there was still spare spaces which is always good.


This was the first Premier Inn we’ve been too where they had the electronic booking in service which was super fast and so easy to use, I must make a note that when I book in I need to remember my flipping car reg. Also for the first time we also bought a Wi-Fi code, mainly because we’d be at the hotel for the whole evening and at just £3 for 24hours it seemed silly not too. The Wi-Fi was fast and we didn’t have any problems connecting to it and it allowed us to connect 4 different devices with just the one code.


Once booked it we headed to our room which happened to be room number 1 which the girls thought meant we was Royalty which is quite possible. The room was perfectly clean and as you’d expect full of everything you could need for a stay, from the hairdryer to the tea making facilities. You also get a selection of extra pillows if needed and enough towels for the whole family and a healthy supply of shampoo and showergel.

We’d decided to have dinner once we’d got to the hotel and for this Premier Inn the restaurant is not actually in the same building but next door, don’t let this put you off as from door to door it was no more than 50 steps. The restaurant was called Table to Table and the staff were so friendly and made us and the girls welcome which always helps. The meal was good and they had a wide choice and it was reasonably priced. For the four of us to have a main meal, drinks and pudding it came for £45 which is good as normally we seem to pay that just on lunch.


After dinner we headed to the room and enjoyed a cup of tea and relaxed after our hectic day. In the morning it was time for Aly’s favourite part which was the breakfasts. Again these are served at the restaurant and we got their for 8am and it was pretty empty but the food was fully stocked. The thing I enjoy about Premier Inn is the fact the hot food isn’t just left on the side, they cook to order which a lot of hotels don’t so often you’ll get a cold sausage. Yuck. So after a plan full of cooked food we headed to get packed and make sure this time Laura didn’t leave a phone charger behind like she did last time.

Again checking out was quick and easy and the staff that dealt with us both on arrival and departure were very pleasant and helpful and if you plan on visiting the zoo nearby I would recommend this Premier Inn every time.

Premier Inn Blogger Ambassador BadgeThis Premier Inn was part of our Premier Inn Ambassador role, the hotel and breakfast  was paid for, all thoughts and opinions are our own.







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