The Joy of a Simba Hybrid Mattress

Sleep is the holy grail for everyone, we’ve been lucky with our girls as they have always been good sleepers. Mia our youngest would easily spend 10 hours in bed if she was allowed. Aly, on the other hand, is an early riser so the time she does spend in bed needs to be really comfortable. Since she’s been in a single bed she’s never had a new mattress so when a Simba Hybrid Mattress was delivered this was her first one since the age of 2!

Our New Arrival

Call me strange but I was expecting our mattress to arrive…erm flat…is that the word? It’s been a long time since any of us had a new mattress so for it to arrive in a box was to us unique. Where is it? It can’t be in the box!

It comes pretty well compact in this bright blue box and inside is our mattress. So after removing from the box and opening it using the tool that comes with it, we left it for a few hours to rise and get its shape.

Five Layers of Comfort

The mattress has five layers of comfort. A sleep surface which is a hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface next comes Seventh Heaven which is a perfectly engineered support to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. The middle layer is a Visco memory foam which moulds to your body shape, then the spring powered layer which adjusts as you sleep. The top layer is the super layer, it’s called ‘Simbatex’ which is a super comfortable one which gives cool gentle support.

All these layers added together give such a comfortable sleep. As soon as you lay down on the mattress you notice how relaxed you feel, it is like laying down on a cloud.

Simba Hybrid Mattress Conclusion

The only one who’s slept on this mattress is Aly and she’s said it’s the most comfortable thing ever. No issues whatsoever and with the warm nights we’ve been having she’s said she hasn’t felt hot during the night.

In all fairness, we’ve noticed that she seems to be sleeping better and not waking up grumpy which must be a sign that her sleep hasn’t been spoilt with an uncomfortable bed.

Simba also includes a 100-night trial, this shows just how confident they are in their product, a full 100 days to make sure that you’re fully happy with your purchase.

Aly loves her new mattress and as such we as a family are very happy to recommend Simba. If you’re on the lookout for a new mattress and like what you’ve read here you can get a £50 coupon here.


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We were sent the Simba Hybrid Mattress for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and photos are our own. 

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