The Lion King | Disney’s London Musical

The tagline on The Lion King website is as follows…SEE IT NOW, REMEMBER IT FOREVER.  Having seen this show on a number of occasions we completely agree, you’ll never forget this show. 

It is a magnificent show that lives up to the hype if you’ve never seen it then make sure you do. Everyone knows the story of The Lion King but you’ve never experienced it until you’ve seen the stage show.  


The award-winning musical is held at the Lyceum Theatre and runs for just under 3 hours including the intermission. It’s worth keeping this in mind if you wish to take children, personally, it could be possibly too young for someone under 10 years old. 

The cast is amazing and it features all the songs you know from your childhood. The cast can change from time to time but each one is equally as good as the next. 

This show sets the bar for what can be achieved on a London stage, the costumes, the action it all paved the way for the next generation of musicals. Having been running for almost 20 years this certainly doesn’t look dated or feel old, it feels as fresh and new as the day it opened. 

This is such a popular show it’s recommended to book well in advance and if picking your seats see if you can get down in the stalls as you might get a little surprise on two near the beginning. This might not be the cheapest musical but it’s worth every penny. 

Just make sure you get to see it soon as it won’t be around for ever. 

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