Tufferman Storage Solutions Review

Tufferman Storage Solutions Review

I like to think I’m fairly tidy…unlike when I was a child. My office is neat and I know where everything is located but in my studio I have a storage area and this keeps getting neglected and often it’s a case of just closing the door.

For about 18 months I’ve been saying to myself that I’ll sort it and tidy it up but it keeps getting pushed back. I was asked if I fancy giving one of Tufferman Storage Solutions a try to see if that helped.

Tufferman Storage Solutions

Storalex Value Shelving Bays

I was sent 3 x Storalex Value Shelving Bays which can be configured as you wish. Each bay is 1.8m high and 90cm wide. The units are made to be set out to have 5 shelves but that’s not fixed so if you only want 4 shelves then that’s fine too.

Personally the selling point for me was the fact that they are bolt less and I found they are actually easy to put together even without tools. I made each bay up on my own and each one took about 10 minutes and was easy to build.

3 x Storalex Value Shelving Bays
The shelves don’t need to be spaced out the same on each bay that’s just what worked best for me. Here’s a few main features of the units.

  • Maximum bay load capacity of 875kg
  • Smooth high density MDF boards
  • 5 shelves per bay with centre support beams to reduce sag
  • Configure your shelf height to suit
  • Easily fix to the wall with drill holes located every 15 cms
  • Quick boltless assembly with easy to follow instructions
  • 1 bay can be made into two 900mm high workbenches
  • Subtle graphite grey colour, powder coated for increased durability
  • Supplied flat packed for easy storage and transportation
  • Free rubber assembly mallet with every order

These Tufferman Storage Solutions have honestly made things so much easier, everything used to be stacked on the floor and just a complete mess.

Storalex Shelving Bays
Granted it still needs tidying but it is so much better than it was. I’ve used in a studio environment but they would be ideal in a shed or garage. For more Tufferman Storage Solutions make sure you head over to their website.

We were sent these for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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