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For us, family mealtimes play a big part in our life, and of those meals, dinner plays the biggest part. We don’t get to have breakfast together as we’re getting ready for school or work and people are in and out of the bathroom. This means that dinner time is even more important, as it’s a time when we catch up on our day’s.

From the very first moment, we’ve always made that effort to eat together and this has carried on and if anything, it’s become more important. As the girls get older and take part in school clubs and swimming clubs our family time is becoming more precious.

Our dinner times aren’t glamorous, but it’s our family time, the four of us sitting together. The house might be untidy, the kitchen a mess and people might not want to eat what’s on the plate but we still always come together.

McCain is running a campaign called ‘We Are Family’ which is about celebrating the joyful reality of families through the lens of meal times and we wanted to get involved.

The McCain ‘We Are Family’ campaign has come about as a result of research which shows that 49% of Brits don’t think popular culture reflects the reality of modern families. Although it may sound like we’re a typical 2.4 family that’s not true.

What you often don’t see is that to allow us to work and provide for our family, a couple of times a week my daughter’s nana and pop pop pick them up from school and sit down to dinner with them. Without their grandparents, we’d struggle and they allow us to still make sure that the girls get their sit-down dinner with their family – it just means on these days it’s not with mum or dad.

These are the sort of messages that perhaps you don’t see on social media, but family life comes in different forms and without grandparents stepping in to help we’d be totally lost.

It’s great to see McCain stepping in and leading the way to show what real families are all about.

To join in with the campaign have a look at #WeAreFamily and follow @McCainUK on twitter and like their Facebook page.

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